Our Mandate: Values  






Committed to Building a More Cohesive Community


Our Mandate: Vision  

Springbank Hill is an active, safe and desirable community with strong connections  between all residents and stakeholders, and with an enhanced quality of life and  sense of belonging  


Our Mandate: Mission  

To be a respected volunteer organization that advocates, communicates, and  provides value to all the residents within Springbank Hill 


Our association’s Strategic Business Plan goals for 2023-2025 are as follows: 

• Host a minimum of 5 annual community events
• Operate our children’s soccer/t-ball program
• Operate rinks and community garden
• Develop and execute a capital program that includes a minimum of 3 projects during the plan period
• Continue to further enhance our communication processes for website, email, social media, and newsletter
• Continue work to represent the best interests of the community on matters relating to traffic, safety, Ring Road project, and new developments resulting from the Area Structure Plan (ASP)
• Hold an annual membership drive for residents and businesses and introduce a new business sponsorship program
• Continue to pursue grants and corporate donations to help fund capital projects, events, and initiatives.

The full plan can be made available upon request.