springbank rinkSBHCA operates an outdoor pleasure skating rink at the park running along the eastern traffic circle on Springbank Blvd SW.  The rink is run via the Adopt-A-Rink program through the City of Calgary and is maintained by volunteers.  Flooding typically begins in mid-December, and weather permitting is suitable for skating by late December.  It will be maintained as long as the spring weather will allow, or our volunteers run out of steam.  If you’d like to be a community rink-rat, and help us with occasional flooding or clearing, please email our rink coordinator at info@springbankhill.org. rink2SBHCA is also pleased to announce that we are operating a rink in Summit of Montreux! Located on the south part of St. Moritz Drive SW, in the soccer fields/school site, it will evolve significantly over the next several years.  To put your name down as a volunteer for this rink, please email our coordinator at SOMrink@springbankhill.org.