A Message Concerning New Development Applications In Our Community – Please note revised submission deadline is now May 31

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Dear Springbank Community Residents and Community Association Members;

We have been asked to circulate the following information on behalf of the Spring Willow Residents Committee that has been reviewing the City’s development plans for the Spring Willow area (see the attached map).  The City recently approved an Area Structure Plan (ASP) for the Springbank Hill community and four (4) developers have now filed Outline Plans/Amendments.  The local residents have cited several issues with these Outline Plans/Amendments.   As a member of the Springbank Community, this information may be relevant to you; therefore, we have agreed to circulate it.  This letter was originally sent to Spring Willow residents and all Springbank Hill residents should feel free to follow the recommended actions if you are in agreement.

If you wish to comment on the Outline Plans/Applications, several links are provided in the email below. We also welcome any comments you may have. We do meet regularly with our City Councillor and the Planning Department and it is our intention to represent the interest of the entire community so your opinions on this matter are important to us.


Elio Cozzi, President – Springbank Hill Community Association

Letter from Spring Willow Residents Committee:

Dear neighbors,

As we mentioned in our email of April 23, 2018 (below), there are 4 property development proposals for our area at various stages – Ronmor, Slokker, Carecom and Truman. Attached is a revised summary showing the locations of these developments and what is proposed.

Our committee has reviewed these proposed applications in some detail:

  • In general, the Ronmor, Slokker and Carecom proposals appear to conform to the Area Structure Plan (ASP).
  • The Slokker application includes a connector road between 85th and 77th aligned with the south end of Ronmor’s development (we understand Ronmor is in support). This would be a very good thing for our community, hopefully eliminating the proposed east/west connection via Mystic Ridge/Spring Willow (arguably a good reason in itself to support the Slokker and Ronmor proposals)
  • The Truman proposal is well outside ASP density guidelines. (I will circulate separately a more detailed version of the Truman application than is available on the City’s web page.)

Proposed densities of these four proposals alone exceed what the City was forecasting for the whole area during development of the current ASP. At the time, City transportation personnel indicated their forecasts were at the upper limit of what the road network could handle. So given the 4 proposals only cover a portion of the area to be developed, we have real concerns regarding insufficient transportation capacity and are urging the City to consider overall density and transportation capacity. (See attached draft response letters for more details.)

The Truman proposal is of real concern to our neighborhood:

  • We estimate Truman’s proposal would result in 1147 units total vs 332 units based on ASP densities
  • Truman’s proposal completely ignores the density transition required by the ASP – “Low Density Contextual” development (5 to 8 units per acre) next to our homes, followed by “Low Density” (8 to 15 units per acre). Instead, Truman proposes M-G Mulit-Residential development of 19 units per acre directly adjacent to Spring Willow. (Particularly offensive, as during the ASP process, the City declined our community’s request to double the width of the Low Density Contextual strip adjacent to us.)

The first opportunity to comment on the Truman proposal will now close Thursday May 31st (this is a revised date). Please We urge all concerned neighbors to submit their comments regarding the Truman proposal to the City by that deadline. We have no chance of getting the City to listen to us unless they are hearing from enough people that there is a problem.

To summarize, we are calling on the City to:

  • Develop a comprehensive density and transportation capacity plan for the area
  • Plan a connector between 77th and 85th Streets that is aligned with and capable of serving the high density residential and commercial development closer to 17th Ave., not through our community.
  • Require Truman to respect density guidelines and the Low Density Contextual development required by the Area Structure Plan


  1. Here is a link to the City’s website where comments,  emails or letters re the Truman application can be submitted.



2. Alternatively you can email your comments directly to cpag.circ@calgary.ca  (see cover page template included below)


Greg (on behalf of Spring Willow Residents Committee) (Mike Walsh, Lyle Kajner, Shawna Waller, Larry Kozy, Don Thompson, Jon Mook, Greg Anderson)

Springbank Hill – Recent New Development Applications – 2018-04-28

LOC2018-0072 – Comments letter template

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