Developers are moving ahead with construction of critical infrastructure this season, including upgrades to 77 Street SW, 81 Street SW, and the future 19 Avenue SW. Please see the map below for reference purposes.

Network changes and closures for the remainder of 2021 are anticipated as follows:

1. The Spring Willow Drive SW (Area 3) connection between 81 Street SW and 77 Street SW, is now open to community traffic. This will function as a detour route for local traffic to access the area. No construction traffic will be permitted to use the detour (some exception may be needed on a case-by-case basis).

2. Starting September 8, 2021 77 Street SW (Areas 1 & 2) from Spring Willow Drive SW to 17 Avenue SW will close. Re-opening of 77 Street SW is anticipated by October 31, 2021 (approximately 2 months). Major utilities installations and street upgrades will be completed between Spring Willow Drive and 19 Avenue SW.3. The 81 Street SW (Areas 5 & 6) link connecting to 17 Avenue SW will evolve over the next few weeks.

a. Paving of the new 19 Avenue SW (Area 8) link between 85 Street SW and 81 Street is expected to be completed around September 10, 2021 weather permitting. There may be a couple transition sections that will be a gravel surface, connecting at 81 Street SWand 85 Street SW.

b. Upon completion of 19 Avenue SW (Area 8), 81 Street SW (Area 6) between 19 Avenue SW and 17 Avenue SW will close permanently. The connection to 17 Avenue SW will be accommodated along Areas 5, 8, & 9 (81 Street SW – 19 Avenue SW – 85 Street SW). Please be advised that 19 Avenue SW will need to accommodate construction traffic over the next several weeks. There will be times where flagging crews or intermittent delays may occur for the remainder of the construction season, similar to the work and setup that occurred earlier this year along 81 Street SW.

c. 81 Street SW (Area 5) to 19 Avenue SW is anticipated to remain open throughout the closure period of 77 Street SW; however there may be intermittent, short-term closures of the Area 5 segment to facilitate utility or other works. These potential closures are only expected to be a few days in length, and if it does occur area residents will be notified.

4. Work to install traffic signals by The City at the intersection of 17 Avenue SW at 77 Street SW is underway. Underground works and signal base construction was completed a couple of weeks ago. In general terms, signals are installed after a 30 days period for concrete to cure. We anticipate signals installation by about mid-September. Please note that the description of work as noted, above is subject to change and update.

If you observe construction materials/vehicles blocking Spring Willow Drive please submit a 311 request and email the ward 6 office.