Ward 6 Elected Officials

Ward 6

Jeff Davison, Councillor – Ward 6

Appointments: Kathy Morgan, Executive Assistant,            email: eaward6@calgary.ca

Constituency Concerns: Suzy Trottier, Constituency Liason, email: caward6@calgary.ca, phone: 403-268-1035

Development Permit Information: Frano Cavar, Communications and Policy Liason,  email: ward06@calgary.ca, phone: 403-268-1380

 If you are interested in receiving the bi-monthly Ward 6 Report or any other pertinent information that affects the ward or your specific community, please visit calgary.ca/ward6connect to give consent and sign up.


School Trustees

Lisa Davis
Trustee Calgary Board of Education
Phone: 403-817-7918l                                            lidavis@cbe.ab.ca
Lori Lovinelli
Trustee Calgary Catholic School District
Phone: 403-604-0497                                   lory.iovinelli@cssd.ab.ca

Phone: (403) 869-8068 | Email: info@springbankhill.org
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